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A museum chaperone named Mary Beth takes a group of children on a tour of Mexican folk myths and legends. She tells them the story of the Mexican town of San Angel from the Book of Life, which holds every story in the world.

The spirits La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Remembered, and Xibalba, ruler of the Land of the Forgotten, set a wager at San Angel’s Day of the Dead festival after seeing two boys, Manolo and Joaquín, competing over a girl named María. La Muerte bets that Manolo will marry María, while Xibalba bets on Joaquín. If La Muerte wins, Xibalba can no longer interfere in mortal affairs, but if Xibalba wins, he and La Muerte switch realms. However, Xibalba cheats by giving Joaquin his Medal of Everlasting Life, which grants the wearer invincibility. María frees a herd of pigs from being slaughtered, angering her father, who sends her away to a boarding school in Spain. While saying their goodbyes, Manolo gives her a baby pig from earlier and she gives him a guitar which is engraved with “Always play from the heart”.

Years pass and Manolo’s musician dreams are suppressed by his father Carlos, who trains him to become a bullfighter like the rest of their family, while Joaquín becomes the revered town hero with the Medal’s aid. On the day of María’s return, a celebration is held culminating in Manolo’s first bullfight. Manolo defeats the bull but refuses to kill it, disappointing Carlos and the crowd but impressing María. That night, María is pressured by her father to marry Joaquín so that he will stay and protect San Angel from the bandit Chakal, though she is conflicted by her feelings for Manolo. María and Manolo meet that night to profess their love for each other, but they are interrupted when a snake, sent by Xibalba, bites María once and seemingly kills her. Despondent and blamed for her death, Manolo is conned by Xibalba into being sent to the afterlife: the snake bites him twice, killing him.

Manolo arrives in the Land of the Remembered where he reunites with his mother Carmen and his illustrious deceased family members. They travel to La Muerte’s castle to seek María, but only find Xibalba, who explains the bet to an outraged Manolo and that the snake put María in a coma, but killed him. When María awakens, she learns of Manolo’s death and solemnly accepts Joaquín’s proposal. Manolo, Carmen, and Luis, Manolo’s grandfather, travel to the Cave of Souls to reach La Muerte. They meet the amiable Candle Maker, who oversees the lives of everybody in the living world. After seeing that Manolo’s story in the Book of Life is blank (due to Xibalba’s meddling) and can be rewritten by Manolo’s own actions, the Candle Maker takes them to the Land of the Forgotten. Manolo exposes the cheating to La Muerte, who furiously summons Xibalba. Another deal is negotiated; Manolo’s life will be returned if he completes a challenge Xibalba sets him, but if he fails, Xibalba will rule both lands and Manolo will be forgotten. Xibalba, believing Manolo’s fear is bulls, manifests every bull the Sanchez family ever fought which combine to become one giant one for Manolo to defeat.

In the living world, Chakal, who previously owned the Medal, leads his army to San Angel to find it. Chakal kills Carlos, who joins the deceased to watch Manolo fight. Manolo, realizing his fear is actually being himself, again refuses to deliver the finishing blow, instead singing an apology to the grudge-filled spirit asking it to forgive his family’s transgressions, which it does by peacefully dissolving away. Impressed, the deities grant Manolo his life back and send him and his family’s spirits to the living world to defeat Chakal. Manolo is almost killed again when Chakal blows them both up but is saved by the Medal, which Joaquín gives him at the last second. Joaquín returns it to Xibalba and resolves to be a hero of his own accord, while Manolo and María wed happily as La Muerte and Xibalba reconcile.

The story ends, and as the children leave the museum, Mary Beth and a security guard from earlier reveal themselves as La Muerte and Xibalba.