How To Find 3d Movies On Netflix?

I was never a big fan of 3d movies until I purchased my LG 3d tv. After viewing a demo at best buy I was convinced that 3d tv’s are awesome. I found myself flinching when things were coming at me and the picture was amazing. I remember 3d tv’s barely popping out with little depth. Not to mention the blurriness and ghosting that many older 3d tvs produced. I bought one 3d movie to take home and after that was addicted. I needed to have more! I went on amazon and bought a few 3d movies that are very pricey. I didn’t want to do it but my addiction led me to buy 3 3d movies. At the the time it never occurred to me to check if their were any 3d movies on Netflix. I typed in “3d” and found a few titles but for some reason netflix doesn’t have a 3d category. So here’s a list below but keep in mind netflix is removing and adding new titles.

Having Trouble Finding 3d Movies on Netflix?

Obviously you need to have a 3d tv. In order to see what is a 3d movie you need to click on any title and there will be a silver black rectangle that says “3d” just like”HD” or “4k”. If you don’t see this and you know 3d option should be available try updating the netflix app. If nothing happens then create a new profile. Last resort maybe you need to update your account to the 4k content.

Current Netflix 3d Movies List

A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures 3D (one of the best 3d movies I have ever seen!)
Angelo Rules 3D
Animals United
Animen: The Galactic Battle
Art of Flight
Dino King
Don 2
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
Legends of Valhalla : Thor
Little Brother Big Trouble
Oscar’s Oasis 3D
Plankton Invasion 3D
Saving Santa
The Hole

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Best 3d Movies Not on Netflix

Jurassic Park 3d
Avatar 3d
Find cheap 3d movies on blu ray