Free 3d Movies Download

When I first bought my first 3d tv from best buy I made my first mistake paying $30 for each 3d blu ray movie. Not realizing I could easily download a mkv or mp4 file, transfer to my usb ,plug  into my tv and then press the 3d button. That’s it and I’ll show you how to do this as long as you own the original 3d movie copy and wish to protect your $30 investment by downloading a copy and watching on your 3d tv using a usb. This method will work for all tv’s including Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, Sharp, etc.

What You will Need To Download 3d Movies

  • 3D Tv (I prefer a 4k 3d tv, trust me you have never seen 3d this good before)
  • Internet Connection (fast connection speed preferred because you are going to want the larger mkv files)
  • External USB Drive or Plex (optional, only if you want a netflix menu interface for your movies)
  • Torrent Downloader or (optional)

Step 1.

First thing you will need is a torrent downloader such as Utorrent. If you are afraid of downloading directly on your computer you can use a seedbox such as Whatbox basically is the same thing except it downloads torrents on their network then you need to ftp the file sover to your computer using programs like filezilla.

Step 2.

Next you need a place to download these 3d movies. Visit or kickass. and make sure you look for the words “3d” in title and I would download files over 5 gigs or more. Otherwise it won’t look like the blu ray quality 3d. Download 3d movies free here.

Note: Not sure what to download? I put together a list of the best 3d movies on blu ray that you can buy now.

Step 3.

Now with my 3d tv is smart with LG’s web ios. I first just copied these downloaded files over on my usb drive, plugged it in and clicked usb to play them. Then you will see a horizontal split screen or vertical split screen. Press your “3-d button” and pick the right format. After a while I wanted an interface that looked a lot like netflix so I used a free program called Plex

Step 4 (optional) If you want your new 3d library to look like this right on you tv, smooth clean and like Netflix then read on. The setup was very easy for me but could be because I bought the newest LG 3d tv available. You will need to first install plex on your computer. Don’t worry its free, go to Just download and run it. Simple instructions just follow them. After installed you need to link up the folder wherever you are storing your 3d movies at on your computer. Right down code then if you have a smart tv, on your tv there should be a simple share function like the LG tv’s. You will see all available devices click on plex and your done. I took it a step further and in the LG content store I bought this app called “playz” it app designed to work with your plex server on your computer. After you buy this app and install on you tv all you have to do is press scan and save. Now you have your 3d library on your computer showing right on your tv netflix style!