Best 3d Projectors Under $1,000

Who doesn’t love sitting in front of the television with a group of friends to watch a flick, or enjoy a show with the family? For the optimal viewing experience, try your very own 3D projector. Here are 10 of the best for under $1,000.

1. The BenQ W1070

With a 1920×1080 resolution the BenQ W1070 creates a crisp, high definition picture. Plus, it has two HDMI inputs for taking video games to the next level. Finally, with SmartEco mode the lamp automatically adjusts power output to give you the best picture for the least amount of power.

2. The ViewSonic PJD5255

With a 1024×768 resolution, the ViewSonic PJD5255 lets you watch DVD and Blu-Ray quality video. And since it’s capable of producing up to 3200 lumens of light, you will get a good image even in a lit room: perfect if you need to give a visual demonstration at the office. And it’s easy to transport, weighing less than five pounds.

3. The Optoma HD141X

The Optoma 4D141X could easily be the locus of your home entertainment. Producing 3000 lumens of light, it gives you a bright picture at 1080p resolution, which is good for movies, television, or video games.

4. The Epson Home Cinema 20130

The Epson Home Cinema 20130 creates a nice high definition picture with 1080p resolution, and has two HDMI ports. Also, the 20130 had MHL connectivity so you can play videos from your smartphone or tablet.

5. The BenQ MW526 WXGA

Producing a bright 3200 lumens, the BenQ MW526 will give you a great picture. Plus, it has a lamp life of up to 10,000 hours, and since it utilizes a DLP projector, image quality won’t fade over time.

6. The Optoma X316

The Optoma X316 has a long 10,000 hour lamp life, and produces 3,200 lumens of light. Plus, with an optional VGA dongle you can hook it up to a wireless internet connection to watch videos from the web.

7. The Epson Home Cinema 2000

Producing 1800 lumens of light, you’ll want to use this in a dimly lit room for an optimal viewing experience. But with 1080p resolution, the Epson Home Cinema 2000 will give you a great movie night.

8. The BenQ MS524 SVGA

The MS524 creates a bright picture with 3,200 lumens of light, with a long lasting 10,000 hour lamp. And thanks to SmartEco technology, it is friendly to the environment.

9. The ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA

The ViewSonic creates a bright picture with 3000 lumens of light which lasts for a long time thanks to its 10,000 hour lamp life. Plus, it has multiple options for hooking it up to a computer or other video source. And it weighs less than five pounds, so you can take it to work or to a friend’s.

10. The Optoma W316

With a full 3400 lumens of light produced, the Optoma W316 will give you a nice, bright widescreen picture. With optional wireless, rapid shutdown and quick resume, lots of connectivity options, and a light weight of just over five pounds, the Optoma is great for presentations in the office.